Woke up at 2 AM to hike to the famous Preikestolen, a 600 m high cliff with Fjord view. Walking through complete darkness felt like reading a book, composing my own world based on tiny pieces of shifting terrain visible with a small head torch. A path, some trees, mostly big slippery rocks that made for natural stairs.
We arrived at the cliff at dawn. The world covered in thick fog, no famous view for us - but at least there was coffee. The haze made for a mystical atmosphere. On the way back we saw were we had walked hours before, a completely different sensory experience. Close to summit some small tents popped up like flowers in a field, some of us had a morning dip in a mountain lake and I found myself in a Lord of the Rings scene once again.

Impressions of CABINER

Winterwoods Drente

Impression of Nordic Woods / Norway

Impression of The Canoe Trip / Sweden

A weekend away in a forest cabin

Stuifduinen, 2021

35mm film homescanned

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