Rosa Meininger

Rosa Meininger is a documentary storyteller and freelance photographer. In het art practice she works on long term close to the skin social documentary projects. Rosa uses this approach in her commissioned work and has become skilled in capturing atmospheric images and scenes. 

From a young age, Rosa started depicting the zeitgeist from a personal perspective. Her documentary work grows up with her, constantly evolving in style and subject.

Rosa Meininger

(1994) Based in Breda

Autonomous imagemaker and freelance photographer

Curriculum Vitae


2014 - 2019 Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam (graduated, nominee Drempelprijs 2019)

2011 - 2014 NHTV University of Applied Sciences, Breda (AD Bachelor)


2021 group exhibition, Studio Zandbak, vaste expositie, BANK15

2020 group exhibiton, "Zeeuwse Lichting 2019", CBK Middelburg (upcoming)

2019 group exhibition, "De Grote Pier15 Show", Pier15, Breda

2019 graduation show, "FINALS", Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam

2019 Collab with Sjors Bosman, "Flowers", Cultuurnacht 2019, Breda's Museum, Breda

2018 Livestream exhibition, "HACKSPO", World Wide Web

2018-2019 YURR studio, Drab Magazine #4, Vitrines Centraal Station Breda, Breda

2018 group exhibition, Willem de Kooning Academie

2017 group exhibition, "HONK ISM Stedelijk Museum Breda", Stedelijk Museum Breda, Breda

2017 group exhibition, "De Ruimte Voorbij", Dock Gallery, Rotterdam

2017 exhibition, "INSIDE", Suds, Breda

2017 solo exhibition + book release, "INSIDE", Pier 15 Skatepark, Breda

2015 groupshow, "Sign of Times", CBK Wennekerpand, Schiedam

2015 "De Mus", Cultkitchen, Breda


2018 Meet the Makers, "HONK ISM Stedelijk Museum Breda", Stedelijk Museum Breda, Breda

2017 Nadorst Chassé Theater, Breda


2022 Living Magazine, a magazine in an afternoon, collaboration with YURR Studio (Yurr Rozenberg), Studio Antiheld (Sjoerd Jansen), Manouk de Weert, Liek van Egmond, Jimmie Rockx (made possible by Gemeente Breda)

2021 Pier15 Zine #2, Plakdrang, Studio Zandbak, curation, edit and production

2020 Pier15 Zine #1, Studio Zandbak, curation, edit and production

2019 PIER 15, '14-'19 in cooperation with Sjors Bosman and Pier15 Skatepark. Photozine, edition of 300. Breda

2019 MAREA II, portfolio part 'International Guest', Published by Zambriskie. photozine, edition of 20. Bologna, Italie

2017 Surf & Turf overview, all (film)photos made during surf&turf festival. Softcover book, edition of 15. Self published. Rotterdam/Breda.

2017 INSIDE, Vieze Anita '14-'17 in cooperation with Pier 15 Skatepark. Softcover book, edition of 300. Breda

online magazines

2017 Vice Broadly: Op de foto’s van Rosa Meininger zie je het zondige nachtleven van Breda

printed magazines

2021 Highlife magazine: cover photo

2018 participant Drab Breda #4, YURR Studio

2017 BK Informatie: cover photo


De Monsterkamer, Amsterdam

Dansgezelschap De Stilte, Breda

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